Primarily self-taught, I've always had a love for the visual and performing arts, and I shifted my focus from music, to dance, to art, and back again many times while growing up. During my thirties, while a stay-at-home mom with two school-aged children, the balance tipped back toward the visual after a lengthy hiatus from making two-dimensional art.

For the past twenty-some years, I have continued to pursue my interests in painting, collage, printmaking, and surface design. Most recently, my focus has been on adding printed and stitched embellishment to cotton and linen fabrics salvaged from previously worn garments.  These small works find their way into new decorative and functional home and apparel accessories, thereby becoming an environmentally-sound part of the slow-cloth/slow-fashion movement.  Interested others, who may not have the time or the inclination to pursue these crafts, are able to become participants in the movement, too, through their intentional purchases of my work.

I am inspired every day by the beauty of the natural world as well as by the art, design and music created by others.  

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Note: Textiles available for purchase on this website and at Bedizen in Portland, Oregon.  Small prints and mixed-media collages available through Imogen Gallery, Astoria, Oregon